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One Punch Man, or Wanpanman, is an ongoing Japanese parody web comic and manga series, created by an author who goes by the pseudonym One. The wanpan in Wanpanman is a short form of wanpanchi, meaning “one punch”.
The Manga series began airing in July 2009 illustrated by Yusuke Murata and quickly garnered millions of followers. The viral web comic surpassed 7.9 million hits by June 2012 and to date has ranked up over ten million total views with some 20 thousand hits per day on average.

One-Punch Man is centred on the adventures of Saitama, a superhero of many amazing special powers, who has grown weary by the absence of challenge and accomplishment in his fight against the dark side and sets off to seek out a worthy opponent.

The comic is set on an Earth-like extraterrestrial world, where various scary monsters have been unexpectedly popping up and wreaking havoc. The world’s superheroes, including Saitama, the main protagonist of the series, have risen to give the local super villains a helping hand in combatting and destroying them.

However, the lack of challenges to put his immeasurable strength to soon wears him down, and Saitama sets off in search of mightier opponents who can present a challenge to him.
In time, he joins the Hero Association to gain the respect of his peers, but in spite of defeating scores of mighty monsters that even the Heroes Association’s most senior members have been unable to, Saitama struggles to gain their respect. Rather, he meets with scorn, ridicule, and even accusations of fakery for his decidedly non-superhero – like appearance.